Student blogs

Spring blogs are up and running. Take a look at what these students are producing:

Epic Games and Life

Pace-made Writing

Days with Dayjah

That Sunflower Corner

That Girl Jade Renee

It’s Koonce

Tiny Glowing Screen

Occasional Mare

The Ha World

Millie Say What?

Another semester, another group of students and their blogs. Here’s fall 2017:

Super Soccer Player

I spilt the tea

Singing and Music


Cutie 4ever


Beauty ‘n Stylez

From the 580

Loftin 77

Games 9329

Zrinity, Zrinity, Zrinity

Super Sports Sisneros


Spring ’17 blogs – and here they are!

Hallelujah for wee-fee

Bee Skeptical

Gooby Tarts

Baby ShrimpB

Jackson’s Blog

The Ink Blot

Backseat Cowboy

Daily Life of Cheeto

A Thrower’s Life

The Mile Drive Club

Nunez Thrower

Skippy Storm: Life as a busy Teenager

3D Design Fanatic

Sweet Lester



Fall ’16 blogs … better late than never.

Enthralling Stories

Liberal Teenager

Chillin Millan

Eco Fighter

Girl Talk With Zowie

The Legend of Sprouse – An Art Fanatic

Sharon is Caring

Perla’s Blog


Spring ’16 blogs are up.

Computer Vibes

Jordeka News

Happy, Healthy Life


Funky Fitness


Chosen Generation

Cages Left Open

Demonation Blog

Simply Cute Nails

Tracing the Lines

U.S. A. vs. Germany

Everyday Problems



Fall ’15 class is blogging away!

What Thunder Thinks

Aeronautics Society


Turn Down for Watt

Kiddo Fame

Miss Bliss

My teacher said to make this

ASAP Cocky

Cinnamon Toast Kenzie

Britt Brat

Take Care of Animals

My teacher made me make this blogsite

Tasha Toast Crunch

The McBomb

And here are the Spring 2015 student blog links:

GM Fanatic

Adventures of IT

Bet I won’t

Teenage Catastrophe





Fall 2014 DigiComm student blogs!

Paintball life

Living life as Emily

Nerdy for life

New Life, New Me

Valley Girl 97

My Teen Life

Teen Princess


My Ranting Page

DigiComm blogs from Spring 2014


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