New Learning Standards 2016 

The following standards are based on ISTE and OK ELA, but are not exactly as found online. License has been taken to remove redundancies that occur using both sets, to simplify language and reduce the number of standards by combining where reason indicates.

Technology Standards (based on ISTE)

Std. 1: Creativity & Innovation

I can learn and demonstrate new skills using technology. I can use old knowledge to create new things and create unique works as a form of self expression.

Std. 2: Communication & Collaboration

I can use digital media and online environments to share responsibility in communication and collaboration, to support my individual learning and to contribute to the learning and conversation of others while observing appropriate digital citizenship.  

Std. 3: Research & Information fluency

I can correctly gather information from various online sources and, using critical thinking skills, determine quality of content and decide what would and would not benefit the assigned topic.

Std. 4: Technology operations & concepts

I can use technology, and by applying critical thinking skills and prior knowledge, learn new tasks, applications and purposes, troubleshooting when necessary to solve problems. In posting any content, I will observe appropriate digital citizenship and etiquette.


Std. 1: Speaking & Listening

I can be an active speaker and listener while collaborating in pairs, groups or giving presentations. As a speaker, I consider my audience and try to engage everyone. As a listener, I acknowledge what I have heard and engage with the speaker through both non-verbal and verbal responses, whichever is appropriate, building on the ideas of others.

Std. 2: Critical Reading

I can read, comprehend and make inferences from increasingly complex informational texts from a variety of sources and perspectives and use close reading strategies (i.e. multiple readings, defining terms, annotation) to create meaning.

Std. 3: Vocabulary

I can expand my vocabulary by reading and writing, using strategies like context clues and resources for defining.

Std 4: Writing Process

I can write for varied purposes and audiences, using fully developed ideas, strong organization, well-chosen words, fluent sentences, voice, and proper mechanics for standard English language. I can properly quote and paraphrase, citing sources and avoiding plagiarism. I can synthesize information from different sources to create something original. When applicable, I can apply strategies specifically for digital writing to make my prose highly engaging and potentially interactive.

Std. 5: Independent reading and writing

I can read a variety of texts and write posts, stories or log entries independently for extended periods of time. I understand that keeping track of this independent reading and writing is helpful for demonstrating this ability.


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