WEEK 16: Focusing on the presentations

May 8, 2017

This week, you are focusing on your passion project presentations. I plan to show you a few sample presentations and help you organize your information to make the biggest impact on your audience.

When you are not working on your presentation – whether you are finished or waiting for more information – you should work on the following items:

  • Catch up on any missed work
  • Revise any work you’d like to improve, both to improve your blog and to improve grades
  • Work on your No Red Ink lessons. There was a reason I signed you up for this.

Let’s look at a couple sample presentations.

Thursday is the Vocal Music Concert. Those of you with tickets will attend, and those of you without will go to Mrs. Hefner’s class for the duration of the concert.

Friday you will finish up and our first volunteer or two will present, so we can save time next week.


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