WEEK 16: Finish up & plan ahead

May 1, 2017

The semester is winding down, and it’s time to get ducks in a row, er , assignments caught up, and plan ahead, specifically for the passion project presentations. So here’s what your week should look like:

Monday-Tuesday: Read feedback on your cyberbullying post, complete any revisions and try to get it posted to your blog. Remember to include a link in your post to a related article so your readers can get more detail than you may provide in your summary.

Wednesday-Friday: We’ll make decisions regarding the passion project presentations. Those will include:

  • How many slides should the presentations have?
  • How many images should you expect to incorporate in your presentation?
  • How long should your presentation be expected to be?

Other things you’ll need to be aware of for your speech (think TED Talk) are:

  • Hook your audience in your introduction.
  • Consider the points you plan to make (just like an essay, but with more passion and fun)
  • Keep audience engaged with stories, using imagery so they can ‘see’ what you’re showing them.
  • Modulate your voice so it’s loud enough, goes up and down with excitement. Pace your speech so it speeds up at certain points and slows down when it needs to.
  • Put key words on a note card to take with you. If you take the whole speech, you’ll end up reading it. Do not read your speech. Talk to your audience.
  • Look at your audience while you tell them about your experience.

Other things you’ll need to know about your slides are:

  • Use very little text on your slides. They should be guides for your speech.
  • Make the text you use big enough to see, larger than 20 pt. would be best.
  • Use a readable font, preferably only two, that will go together well.
  • Use colors that are complementary and contrast well. For example, avoid using a dark font on a dark background. Viewers won’t be able to see it.
  • Make sure images are big enough to be seen well, especially if there is detail in them.
  • Avoid stretching photos disproportionately. Grab corner handles and hold shift key to enlarge or make smaller. Place images appropriately to left or right so subjects aren’t looking or moving off screen.
  • Images can be photos, info graphics, drawings.
  • Consider using Canva for cover slide and any info graphics you need.

After the presentations, which will take place the week of May 15, you will write a post about finishing your passion projects, what you learned, whether about the topic, yourself or both. Consider including an image for the post, but also link your slide presentation. This is a big part of your project.


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