WEEK 14: What to review?

April 17, 2017

Okay, folks, this week is choppy. I’m in and out, so here’s a snapshot of your week:

Monday: While I’m out, you will

  1. Complete your Manifesto, if you have not already.
  2. Write a blog post about the manifesto project, from what it is to your own personal experience with it. Include why you wrote what you did and what app you used and why.
  3. Work on any missing content. It must be posted to the blog to be complete.
  4. Visit No Red Ink and work on your grammar lessons, practice and quizzes. See how far you can get!

Tuesday: I’ll lead a lesson on how to write a review, and I’ll show you how to use your WordPress Reader to find blogs to read. You will read several, find one you are interested in, and write a review of it.

Wednesday – Thursday: While I’m gone to a conference in OKC, work on writing the blog review. Draft it in Google Docs, share it for feedback from a classmate, make any revisions.
PROOFREAD. Check for capitalization. Check for proper punctuation (think about what you are learning on No Red Ink). Read it aloud while pointing to the words. This helps you catch missing words and clunky sentences.
Share with me and I’ll do my best to read and give you feedback so you can revise for posting by Friday.

Friday: Finish up your review and post an update about your Passion Project. Do not write that you haven’t done anything. If you have nothing to write about, don’t do it. Point is, you should be working on this on your own. It’s YOUR passion. You’ll soon be presenting to the class about it.

Next week should be normal and we’ll start something new. Be sure you are caught up!



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