WEEK 4.5: Housekeeping

February 3, 2017

I want to clear up a few issues we’re having and questions you may be having.


You are a great assortment of individuals, with a scope of interests and comfort levels with the work I ask of you. Some of you are conscientious workers who know what to do and get it done – and have time left over. Other conscientious workers like to take time to produce exceptional content. Some of you just want to do what’s needed to pass the class, while some of you may be having a hard time even understanding what it is you are supposed to do. Some of you may feel you can do it later, so for now you’d like to play games, watch videos – or nap.

I recommend getting the assignment done well in the time it takes to do it well. Then with time left over,

  • read other blogs, either those of your classmates or others you find online.
  • comment on them
  • write additional blog posts
  • work to improve the appearance of your blog by customizing or adding widgets
  • learn to understand the analytics and improve your following


You get instructions verbally, by demonstration and as written on this website. There’s no excuse for not knowing about an assignment or an aspect of that assignment. Everyone’s work is individual and tough to grade completely objectively, but I look for following instructions and going above and beyond what I suggest, so that you make it your own.

If you want a …

B: Do mostly what the assignment requires, but you might not put a lot of creativity into it. Do the suggested revisions to make your work grammatically correct before posting online, and don’t miss any assignments. Good idea to get them mostly done on time.

C: Do mostly what the assignments require, but you might be late on some or you might miss one or two. You might revise some of them, but not all of them. In short, you’ll do work that doesn’t look like you care a whole lot, but  you do it.

D: You do some work, but you are not consistent and you are very late on most of it. You don’t generally revise well, so consequently, your blog may contain lots of errors.

F: This grade happens when I really don’t have anything to assess. I simply have no evidence you’ve done anything to learn the skills taught in this class.

If you want an A:

Go above and beyond what I show you. A-level students take the information I provide about images, about different apps, about digital citizenship, and they go learn more. They take pride in their blog and its content, always working to improve everything. They do more.


Let’s go over a few actual housekeeping items:

  • At the end of class, log out of any programs you are in: Google, WordPress or other
  • If you are using a laptop, shut it down under the Apple in upper left. Wait for screen to go black, close it. Put it away in the cabinet and plug it in to charge.
  • Do not bring food and drinks in the classroom. I have computers in here, and I have floors in here. Neither like sticky fluids or crumbs.
  • Throw away trash. If there’s no food or drink, there shouldn’t be much trash; nevertheless, make sure any trash goes into the trash can.
  • Take your things with you, including handouts I give you and papers from other classes. And pens and pencils. And headphones. And phone chargers. And keys.
  • Yes, you may go to the restroom, BUT you did just have a 70-minute lunch period. Please take care of this during your lunch. However, if later in the class you need to go, it’s OK. Let me know, sign out and take the pass. And only one at a time.
  • Be on time. Again, you just had a 70-minute lunch.

That’ll do for now. If you have questions about other things I need to address, let me know.





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