WEEK 4: Let’s get to blogging


CC0 Public Domain

January 30, 2017

This week, we’ll get our blogs started. You’ll pay careful attention to the name of your blog and your name as the blogger. You’ll choose a theme – what your blog looks like – that helps reflect your personality and the purpose of the blog. You can change later on if you want. You’ll write a “Welcome to my blog” post, but make it interesting enough for folks to want to actually read it. Share with someone for feedback to improve.

Your blog is the main component of your work in this class. You’ll want to put lots of thought into the impression you impart, which also counts with your bio.

Most bloggers have an About Me page on which the blogger introduces him or herself to the world. They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so some care and thought should be given to what info you provide and what tone you write in. And, to be taken seriously, you want your writing to be correct – as in all that stuff your English teachers have been trying to tell you for years. You may not want your voice to be formal – and that’s OK – but you still want to capitalize and spell properly and use correct subject verb agreement and so forth. So take advantage of your classroom peers and their editing skills, as well as that of your instructor.

You have had an introduction to what blogging is all about and a crash course in terminology. If you missed it or want to review it, here it is.

To recap:

  • Start a WordPress account
  • Find a good blog name (it will be the URL) and blogger name (this is  you)
  • Search themes for one you like. This is what your blog looks like.
  • Come up with a tagline, a brief line or sentence that tells more about your purpose.
  • Continue individualizing your blog with header titles, header images, widgets and color choices.
  • Draft a Welcome to My Blog post in Google Drive and share with class mates and instructor for feedback to make it interesting and engaging.
  • Draft a bio, a bit about yourself, in Google Drive. This will go on the About Me page of your blog. I’ll give you more specific instructions later in the week.
  • Finally, post your TED reflection as your first real post (after the Welcome post)

If you work fast (and well) and get ahead of your peers:

  • You may write an additional blog post.
  • You may search WordPress to read other blogs. Consider commenting on some.

You will have questions. You will have answers. Help each other out. Ask when you need help, but don’t be afraid to explore WordPress and get to know this Open Source app. If you can’t figure something out, someone else has usually run across the problem, and Google can find the conversation.

Let’s blog.


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