WEEK 3: Reflecting on Adora’s TEDTalk

January 23

Ruminations on Childishness

Week before last, we watched the video of 12-year-old Adora Svitak addressing an audience of adults for her TEDTalk presentation. She discussed the misuse of the term childish, and offered several examples that illustrated children being adult-like and adults being childish, arguing that adults should be open to learning from children as much as they expect children to learn from adults.

What did you think of what she had to say? Did you form opinions of your own as she was speaking? What did you think of her presentation skills? You presented last week. What did you do well, and what would you like to do better next time? Do you remember the video? If not, view it again because your first blog post will be reviewing and reflecting on that video.

In the folder shared with me, open a Google document. Use a heading with your name and the date, and I prefer that you use double spacing. Consider how to introduce the topic of the video. Remember that your readers – people in cyberspace – do not know you, do not know me, do not know the assignment. You will not be replying to me. You will be writing to them. Think about writing to your idea reader, the one you invented last week. Explain to him or her that in your digital communications class you viewed this video (name it and explain it); you will also embed it when you post it on the blog so they can view it. Then tell them what you though of it and what it made you think about.

To give you a few ideas of what to discuss, I have prepared a list of guiding questions. Do not simply go down the list answering them (your ideal reader would be confused), but consider addressing most of those topics in your article.

Use paragraph breaks when you change subtopics. Online readers hate long blocks of gray text and will click away if it looks like too much work to read.

Make your writing interesting by adding description, little stories, bits of you. Use good sentence structure, changing it up with some short sentences and some long sentences. Capitalize and punctuate properly and proofread before sharing with a class buddy for feedback. Once you have made revisions, share with me for additional feedback.

I dislike providing length requirements, but if it’s too short, there won’t be enough to interest the reader. If it’s too long, you risk losing the reader. Make it juuuuust riiiiight.


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