WEEK 2: Who is your ideal reader?

January 18, 2017

Today, Wednesday, we will finish up MeTalk presentations that we started last week, based on watching the video of Adora Svitak’s TEDTalk. We lost Friday for inclement weather that turned out not to be so inclement, but better safe than sorry. And Monday was a professional development day for teachers, so we’re a tad behind where I wanted to be. Flexibility is key!

As you know, our main focus in this digital communications class will be online communication in the form of producing written content for blogs. As you are writing your articles, which are more than simply answering a few questions for the teacher, you will do better by imagining your ideal reader.


Image by PDPics via Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

First I will demonstrate for you some highlights of using Google docs, like controlling fonts and spacing, how to share and comment. We’ll discuss how to provide feedback for each other so you can help one another develop your drafts to be top-notch content capable of holding an audience.

Ah – that audience. So to practice using the Google docs and the sharing and providing of feedback, we’re going to start with a fun assignment. When  you write your blog posts, they’ll go live where they can be read online by anyone, anywhere.

The question is, who will be most interested in your content?

Will it be a 20-year-old college student attending a liberal arts school in Pennsylvania? What’s her major? What does she like to do in the spare time she rarely has? Does she have any bad habits she’d like to break? What good habits is she trying to develop?

Or is your ideal reader an high school junior who just moved to a new school and would rather play video games and make friends in the blogging community than the people he’s met so far at his school?

Is your ideal reader one of two or three conservative 15-year-olds in a field of liberals at a California alternative school for gifted students?

Use your imagination. Tell me who your ideal reader is. Describe all kinds of things about him or her and tell me why he or she likes your blog so much. Is it the straightforwardness of your opinions in your posts? Is it the imagery you use in your descriptions? Or maybe you’ve worked really hard on your theme (what your blog looks like), and everything has aesthetic appeal. May you’re really good at providing lots of links to additional information, and your reader likes that he can depend on you to have done good research and provide plenty of additional information.

Remember that even this assignment is being created to engage and entertain. People will be reading it, so make it interesting. Proofread it for flow and correcting any errors before you share with a classmate. Make any revisions you deem necessary, then ask Snider to read and provide feedback.

Enjoy the exercise and have fun with it. Write, share, edit and revise, having it polished by end of class Friday.


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