WEEK .5: Welcome


AJC1 via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

January 5, 2017

That’s right: .5. Welcome to the first two days of class – not quite a week, but I want it to count for something.

This will be the home base for all we do in DigiComm. If  you miss a class or forget exactly what the assignment was, just come back here and read about it.

As I explained today, this is a unique class, but one that I try to make relevant. The digital world is here, so why not get more prepared for it?

Your first task is to explore Gmail. Some of you likely have a Gmail, and some of you may not. Those of you who do may or may not realize all the other apps available to you, like Google Calendar or Google Drive. We will use Google Drive a lot.

But for today, we’ll use Gmail. I will demonstrate in class the features of Gmail, and we’ll discuss the parts of a properly formatted semi-formal email.

  • Salutation (Dear Mrs. Jones, er, Snider)
  • The body, written in more than one paragraph if you have multiple topics
  • The close (Sincerely,) that’s with a comma …
  • Your name (on the next line)

After establishing your Gmail, if you don’t already have one, compose an email to me. In it, tell me a little about yourself. Include what you like and/or dislike about school, your best ways to learn, what motivates you and so on. Please include something about your interests, hobbies or work. In fact, since I will have shown you how to include a link, go find a page that relates to something you are interested in, and link to it. However, I want you to write the link into your paragraph. In other words, don’t just past the http://.blahblahblah. That’s not attractive. Highlight the words in your paragraph that you would like to BE the link, to turn blue. Then use the linking process.

In this exercise, I hope to learn a bit about you and note, A. How well you follow directions. B. Your writing skills. Since I’m going to be looking specifically at your writing skills, please proofread to make any corrections needed before sending.

Next week we’ll begin using Google folders and documents.


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