And we come to the end …

December 13, 2016

The term is winding down and so is our time together. This week you are finishing up presentations, both the speech and the slides. In fact, the actual presentations begin Wednesday for your passion projects.

In addition to the presentations, you will write a blog post telling your online audience about your project, its conclusion, and the presentation. Include a link to the presentation. Consider including images in the post to make it more interesting if you have some that will work for that.

You may want to use this time for catching up on missed work as well, since I have to finalize grades at the end of the week.

Outside of that, I’d like for you to allow yourself time for a self-assessment. This Google form asks you to assess your work in several areas. Much of it is multiple choice or select all that apply. However, there are several areas in which I ask you to explain using examples. So before you begin, think about each of the lessons we’ve had, look over your blog to remember what you’ve posted (this indicates finished assignments), and allow yourself a good half hour to complete the form. There isn’t a way to save halfway through, so you’ll want to complete it in one sitting.

I have enjoyed your group immensely. You have been one of the most collaborative, supporting groups I’ve had, and I appreciate you being there for each other like you have. Keep doing that.



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