WEEK 16: Prep for Passion Project Presentations

December 5, 2016

It’s getting closer.

Besides finishing up your actual projects, the research, the photos or videos, the research, the writing and posting, you need to prepare a speech and a slide presentation. These should work together like a TED Talk. Let’s take a look at a couple examples:


This is the first of several, so you may click on a few in this class to see a variety of examples.

Together we decided on the parameters of your presentations:

  • 4-8 minutes in length
  • 6-12 slides, including cover slide
  • Include a minimum of 4 images, which can be photos, screenshots, graphics, drawings.

Some tips about the slides include:

  • Avoid putting all of your speech text on the slides. You don’t want audience reading slides while trying to listen to you, and you don’t want to turn your back to them only to read slides that they are capable of reading.
  • Use a font size that is readable from across the room.
  • Use images, key words, phrases, quotes on slides.
  • Use good color and contrast choices. Blue fonts on black background won’t work. Use no more than two font choices, and those should work well together. Pinterest can show you what kinds of fonts to pair together.
  • Avoid stretching images on your slides by holding down shift+command while enlarging or shrinking image size. If the image becomes disproportioned, try again.

Some tips about the speech include:

  • Organize your information like an essay. You need a hook, subtopic points and details and you need a close (not “That’s all I’ve got.”)
  • Use imagery. If you can paint a picture in the audience’s mind, you’re doing well. If you can make them smell the baked pie or the motor oil, you’re doing well.
  • PRACTICE. When you’re in the shower or drifting off to sleep at night, envision yourself speaking your speech to your audience. Remember the points you want to make, where you want your voice to go high, where you want to pause for effect.
  • Look at your audience members in the eyes. You don’t have to hold it long, but move around the room. Don’t just present to your teacher.
  • Avoid leaning on anything.
  • Relax. You know these people now and you know your topic because it’s your passion.



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