November 6, 2016


Cyberbullying. It’s a word nearly everyone is familiar with, but not everyone really knows exactly what it is. We know it’s online bullying, but where do you draw the line between teasing, criticizing and bullying? How many different things constitute cyberbullying? What are the penalties for what types of behavior?

This week, we’ll discuss different cases as they pertain to civil and criminal law, and you’ll hopefully come out with a better understanding and more sensitivity.

Monday: On a shared document projected on the TV, we will share ideas about what we consider to be cyberbullying behavior. You will then research to find case examples of cyberbullying for use in Wednesday’s class.

Wednesday: With printed summaries, we will share the cases we came across. We will also look at what civil law is and what criminal law is and how each applies to cyberbullying. We will apply this knowledge to the individual cases.

Your assignment for the week is to further analyze your case, adding in prior knowledge of your own, if you’d like, according to the law information. What type of bullying does your case fall under? Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator? Are any bystanders guilty? Do any civil laws apply? Could someone sue? Could they win? What about criminal law? Could anyone be arrested? Fined? Does the perpetrator have any defenses?

Thoroughly analyze the case in a blog post for the week. If your case isn’t workable for lack of information or other reasons, you may look for another, but be careful not to use too much time on looking for a case.

Remember to make the post interesting for your reader. You are telling a story and explaining something important.



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