WEEK 9: Scoop info you want to keep


October 10, 2016

You’ve searched with Pinterest and you’ve networked with Twitter. Both social media sites enable you to find information and people with information. When you decide to keep that information for your own use by pinning or favoriting, you’re collecting, or archiving it. If you decide to put it in a form to share, you’ve taken archiving to the next level: you’re curating.

There are many ways to curate the content you collect, but the one we’ll use this week is a digital newspaper called Scoop.it. With Scoop.it, you’ll “scoop” up the articles you want to keep and post them in a very visual product that you can then share through Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.

Here is an example of my Scoop.it.

Your mission this week is to “scoop” some articles for curation, hopefully articles that pertain to your passion project, or at least an interest of yours and archive them in the form of your own Scoop.it.

Yes, you have to make an account and remember another password.

Yes, you need a minimum number of articles to show me you’ve made good use of it – 4?

Yes, you’ll write a blog post sharing about your experience of using Scoop.it, finding and archiving articles of relevance to you. Of course, if you make it relevant to your passion project, you’ve taken care of both for the week.

Yes, you’ll link your Scoop.it in your blog post.

Happy scooping!


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