TED Talk


August 22, 2016

It’s time to hit the ground running – and thinking. We will watch a TED video featuring Adora Svitak, a very impressive 12-year-old (who is no longer 12).  From this video we will have two assignments. Watch closely and observe not only her message (do you agree?), but observe how she presents. She’s very confident, but what makes her so? Let’s watch and then discuss.


What do you think of her message? Does she have valid points? Did her comments make you think of examples of your own? Or do you disagree with some or all of it? Develop an opinion as if you could sit down and have a discussion with her.

What about her presentation skills? What makes her speech good? What makes her presentation of it so good? Could you easily outline what she spoke of, with a thesis statement, points and examples?

You have two assignments this week.

  1. Plan a brief presentation about yourself. Think of an interest or hobby you have, an amazing experience you have had, perhaps a lesson learned or a realization you had. Plan a short speech, 2-4 minutes, about yourself on that topic. Remember what made Adora’s speech interesting. She told little stories as examples. She made parts of it humorous. She described in such a way that we, as the audience could envision what she was telling. Planning, and even practicing, will go a long way to making this presentation successful.
    Presentations begin Wednesday. Volunteers go first, then I draw names from a hat and you must go at that time. So go ahead and prepare.
  2. You will also write a reflection on this video. You will be writing for an audience you do not know – your online audience once we get your blog up and running. So you’ll have to tell about the video, explaining it, and responding to it. I have provided some guiding questions to help you with ideas for discussion. However, do not just answer the questions. Imagine a reader from Indiana stumbling upon your blog post one Wednesday morning …

Manage your time well or you will get behind. You are welcome to come in during study skills at lunch or after school most days.


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