Welcome to DigiComm

August 19, 2016

We’ve had a good start to the week, and I hope you are looking forward to learning and creating in this class. We’ll be working from Google Drive and WordPress for most everything. If you do not yet have a Gmail account, that will be the first thing to take care of.

Tuesday’s assignment was to get comfortable with your Gmail account and email me with some information about yourself. The objectives for the email assignment are:

  • Format for a formal email with salutation, body and closing and use proper mechanics for writing.
  • Include information about yourself that will help me know your learning style, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tell me about a particular interest or two that you have, find some information online about it and include a link to that page in the body of the email. I demonstrated how to make the link part of the text of your content, so the expectation is that you do that. If you need help with that part, let me know.

Today, I’d like for you to create a folder in your Google Drive, titled, Last First DC (for DigiComm). Share that folder with me at lisa.a.snider@gmail.com. Any work or correspondence in that folder is between you and me, unless you share it with someone else.

I’d also like to collect a bit more information from you. I’ve created this Google survey form for you to complete.

Welcome to DigiComm!


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