WEEK 4: Standards and reflection

January 31, 2016

Because I missed getting last week’s focus and assignment posted here on the class blog, we’ll use reflection to take a look backward.

We discussed the standards for this class and its assignments. These standards are based on ISTE and OK ELA standards, but they are reduced and simplified to avoid redundancy and meet our needs a bit better. The list can be found under the Standards tab of this site as well as in the shared Google Drive folder.

After familiarizing you with these, I introduced you to reflective writing via a Google document with a set of questions posed for each assignment we have done so far. The same 10 questions are applied to each assignment and their purpose is to help you consider what knowledge area you are targeting each week and how it applies to those standards. The questions also ask you to assess your learning in the process of completing the tasks. This exercise is a step in the process of your learning to write reflectively on assignments, your process and how it all applies to the standards with out the aid of the guiding questions.

Your task throughout the week was to answer the questions to the best of your ability, watch for feedback on your document from me and revise accordingly. When caught up or waiting for a response, you should be using your time to catch up on any of the previous assignments you have not completed or to read blogs and explore interests on your own.


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