WEEK 1: Welcome to DigiComm!

January 6, 2016

It’s been a busy week already as we’ve introduced ourselves and discussed different things about how education is and, perhaps, how it should be. Keep those things in mind as you attack your assignments in class.

We’ll begin exploring Google Drive, starting with the basic email. I want to hear from each of you with a little info about you in the form of an email. Following formal email format, tell me about your learning style, what your interests are, and whether you are a self-starter. Provide a link to something you are interested in. This will help me get to know you and establish activities you’ll hopefully find interesting, and it will show me some of your writing and technology skill.

Next, we’ll watch this very popular TED video featuring Steve Jobs in his 2005 Stanford graduation address. Pay close attention because your first real writing task is to draft a reflection about the video. I’ve provided some instructions and guiding questions to help you out. Draft on a Google Doc in your Google Drive folder that is shared with me. When you are please with it, you will share it to the class editing folder that will be shared with all of you. I want all of you to take part in the editing process by reading at least a couple of the drafts and commenting, your purpose being to help the writer make his or her reflection be the best it can be. You won’t just be looking for commas and misspellings, you are looking for interest level and readability. We’ll spend some time on this in class.

For now, here is the video. Feel free to watch again as many times as you need to to help with the reflection.


This blog site will be the hub for our class. Each week, you’ll find your lessons posted here, so if you miss school for any reason, check here to see what’s going on.

It’s great to have you all here!

— Snider


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