November 19, 2015

Among the things I focus on in Digital Communications class is digital citizenship, and this week’s lesson is on cyberbullying. I thought it a bit ironic, then, when we had a verbal altercation in class yesterday. It fit the profile of the scenarios we discussed earlier in the week so well, that for a few fleeting seconds, I thought it was a playful staging of such a scenario.

But it wasn’t.

Discussing a few of these scenarios, going over civil and criminal law and making a digital poster won’t cure the problem our society has of not treating people right. While I had hoped to have you learn a bit about how the law figures in, have you develop some empathy with hypothetical characters, and learn a digital poster app that might come in handy for other situations, I see that it’s not enough. Of course, I didn’t think it was, but I wasn’t prepared to be shown so bluntly.

So it was that I ran across this Facebook post this morning, shared by a friend, but written by HuffPost blogger Suzie Skougard. She proposes what’s at the root of so many of our society’s problems. She hits so many nails on the head she could build a house. (As I typed the figure of speech about “hitting the nail on the head” it occurred to me that many of you will be scratching your heads – another figure of speech – because you won’t have heard of it. It means she made good points. If you didn’t get it, you should read more, take part in more conversations with grownups).

Read the post. Yes it’s long, but not as long as your history text or even a chapter (maybe). It took me about 15 minutes and I’m a slow reader. Then we will meet in the middle of the room and have a discussion about all the points she makes (a discussion is where everyone tries to make a contribution, so if you want to make some notes about what you agree with or disagree with or situations the post made you think of, please do.)



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