November 17, 2015

We are learning about what constitutes cyberbullying. Turns out there are six classifications: insulting, targeting, identity theft, excluding, uploading and harassment. Some of these, students do in a playful way, not intending to bullying at all. But what about those times when the perpetrator is playing but the target, sometimes a friend, just doesn’t see it as playing? When does it cross the line to bullying? It’s different for everyone, and that’s one reason we need to take a closer look at it.

This type of bullying can come under either civil law or criminal law or both, and we have learned the criteria for each and analyzed some scenarios to determine what acts fall into which categories.

Now it’s time for you to pass on your learning. Assume an audience of middle schoolers or high schoolers – your choice. What message will you pass along and what information will you include?

Create a digital poster using the web-based app Smore or another web-based digital poster creator of your choice. Decide what images to include, but remember our lesson on copyright and only choose images that give you the proper rights for use.

Write a blog post about cyberbullying. Points of view may vary somewhat, though I would hope that your message would be one that discourages it. If you can include a personal story, do so because that makes posts more interesting to read. If not a personal story, there are any number of stories online that you could use as an example and link to. Remember that this is a digital platform and you should use all the enhancements at your disposal. Either embed or link to your poster, or if the app allows, convert it to a .jpg so you can upload it like a photo.

Be informative, and be creative.


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