WEEK 12: Reflecting and evaluating

Nov. 9, 2015

Time for a little reflecting: We will clarify the purpose and learning goals of the Digital Communications class through some written notes, verbal discussion and backchanneling through Socrative.com. With this web-based app, you’ll be able to join the group with a code I’ll put on the board and post your responses to some questions anonymously.

Evaluating sites: After re-discovering our purpose and setting some new goals for improved classwork that turns into improved blog posts, I want you to choose a web site you’ve discovered in your Passion Project research and evaluate it, using a website evaluation guide like this one. Then turn the tables on yourself. Using that same guide, evaluate your own website, or blog. Granted, you are not a university, research lab or governmental agency, but would others see your site – and you, the author – as reputable? As credible? How would you be judged by your blogging peers? If not credibly enough or informative enough, then you should step up your game.

Remember that this blog is not just to fulfill the minimum requirements of a class. It is your blog; it reflects you and your brand. As potential employers, scholarship grantors and college admissions officers search for your digital footprint, you will want them to find something of substance. Make that happen.

In this week’s blog post, plan and organize a well-written piece that incorporates the web-site you evaluated and compares it to your own. Discuss whatever improvements you wish to make. Or, if you found that web-site lacking, discuss why you found it lacking. Was it not user-friendly? What could that author or organization do to improve its presence? You decide the direction of the post, but make it more than a small paragraph that merely answers a couple questions. Write for your audience.

Draft in Google Docs where others and I can give you feedback. Decide what digital enhancements you can include to make your post more web-friendly. Make it inviting for your readers.

Passion Project Update: If you can include Passion Project update in this post as a natural part of it, then do so. Otherwise, I expect to also see your weekly PP update post. Don’t forget that you need to be collecting images for your presentation in December.

Visit friends: If you have time, drop in on your classmates blogs and see what they are up to. Leave a comment. Make it social.


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