The forecast was spotty after introducing the idea of Passion Projects, but giving the students a week for ideas to brew while I was having one-on-one conferences, I thought some would come to the idea generation meeting with at least a rough plan of what they’d like to do. But the first day we all met together, there was a lot of “let someone else go first,” and “I don’t know what I’m interested in.”

Nevertheless, we got a few ideas going, which demonstrated a breadth of options. After a long weekend that included a fall break, I was pleasantly surprised when we met again this week and some of those ideas had developed further and a few new ideas surfaced. Still, though, there were some who just had no idea what they wanted to do. One of my students from another class was visiting that day and, an imaginative sort, she helped with some idea generation, and some new ideas took hold.

By today, everyone has a pretty good idea of what they want to pursue and are working on a graphic organizer to make sure they are including the necessary elements of  a driving question, an end product of some sort, research needed, whom they might contact as a mentor and the steps needed to reach the goal. They will also be writing blog posts to introduce their audiences to their projects.

I’m asking them to comment below a bit about their projects so that others interested in trying out Passion Projects or Genius Hour might use ours as examples.



  1. I love the idea of an “idea generation meeting!” My passion project this year is how to help students grade themselves. I have not put any grades in the gradebook, and students need to create a video reflection explaining their grades… We’ll be working on it all year. 😀

    1. That’s a great idea, Joy. I saw your post with your own video, grading yourself. It inspired me to do the same to demo to my kids what I wanted them to do, but adding the video element. So I got started assessing myself (I just have to write it first), and never completed the task! How can I expect my kids to do this when I can’t even finish! Ugh. Of course, I’m using all the standards, when I’m asking them to use only what applies to them (Can I help it if I can make an argument for almost all of them on my own work?). And I’ve never recorded myself, so that’s holding me back. I need to try to finish. Thanks for being an inspiration.

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