October 6, 2015

Remember the day or two we spend reading all those ISTE and Oklahoma ELA standards, picking out the most important parts, summarizing and rewriting them? Well, it’s time to use them. In each of your folders, I have placed a Google spread sheet that is your assignment tracking sheet. The standards are listed across the top and the assignments are listed down the left. I have marked an asterisk on each assignment for the standard(s) that applies. In those cells, you should click and make some notes about that assignment and how you feel you stand with regard to that standard. For instance, on setting up the blogs, if you found it easy and went beyond the requirements, adding widgets, a profile pic, a tagline and more, then got up and helped classmates figure theirs out, you may have exceeded the standard for that assignment. Kudos. Note some of that. If on rewriting standards, you were in a group in which others knew what to do but you had no clue, note that, too. Keep it simple here because space is at a premium, but the info you manage to add here will help you in the next step.

The nex step: Create a document in your shared folder. Call it My Reflection document or something equally fascinating. In more of a paragraph format, address each assignment and what standards you were working under. Describe the assignment, what parts were easy, where you struggled, most notably, where you had eye-opening experiences and managed to improve your work. Being able to show your growth is very helpful. You may tackle this document assignment by assignment, discussing all the standards you were working with, or you may tackle it standard by standard, listing each assignment in which you addressed that standard – whichever makes the most sense in your mind.

What you do need to do is provide evidence of your learning. Explain how you progressed. When you’ve made some progress, share with me for feedback so I can guide you in the right direction. This is how we determine your learning and growth this year.


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