October 2, 2015

This is how chaotic this week was. I’m posting the week’s lesson and activity ON FRIDAY — NIGHT — instead of Monday. With our late start Mondays and the shorter morning classes (good grief, 36 minute classes every Monday morning now) and my regular lunch duty on Mondays, there just didn’t seem to be any point in introducing something new on Mondays as I’ve usually done. The day is simply too messy. I don’t have time to prepare for it. So Mondays, I decided, would be an extension of the week before (maybe – we’ll see).

Tuesday, the day I was going to introduce Twitter and my maniacal plan for you, turns out the juniors were all gone to take the ACT. We had fewer than half our class, thus, further extending the time you had to “catch up.”

Wednesday looked like the day we’d get going, that is, until the Internet died a little before lunch. How does a blogging/social media class work without Internet? Not in the usual way. I whipped out my backup plan of Vocabulary Development. I always love to see everyone’s faces when I pull that card. But really, I meant cards – Apples to Apples. Best backup plan ever. I do get a bit insistant on you actually reading what’s on the cards so you CAN LEARN SOMETHING.

We finally arrived at Thursday and the Twitter lesson, to mixed responses. Some of you don’t have it, don’t want it. Some of you have it but think it rather silly. I strived to show you actual purpose for it. I hope you will explore the possibilities of research and exploring your specific interests and passions. Meet people with like interests and form professional relationships that can benefit you. We started the process with a Follow Friday assignment.

If you hadn’t already, you were to start a Twitter account. Then find five accounts to follow that will benefit you, provide worthwhile information. I suggested colleges, special interest groups or magazines or professionals.

By Friday, today, post a #FF tweet with the handles of the accounts you decided to follow. Then write a blog post about the accounts you are following, telling your readers about them and why you followed them. I did the same and invite you to read my post over on my teachjournalism blog.

Use Twitter to your advantage. Find people to learn from.


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