September 22, 2015

Part two of our look into digital footprints involves being aware of how our privacy settings allow others to access information we may not be aware of or want released. The Internet Society has a helpful post with a video link to explain how companies and strangers access our information and what they can do with it.

Your assignment for the week is to do a search on yourself. What can you find through Google or other search engines? Is there more than one person with your name? Once you find information about yourself, determine if it is information you’d like to have found about you by potential employers, college admissions counselors or scholarship grantors.

Write a blog post about your findings and about what you can do to create a positive digital footprint to move your schooling and career forward. Also reflect on your privacy settings and discuss what changes you may make to your habits and to your social media privacy settings and what you hope that will accomplish.

As usual, draft in Google docs, share with a peer for feedback, then share with me.

Remember, there is more than one purpose to sharing your writing with a peer. Besides getting feedback for your own writing, you and everyone else in class are seeing the writing of others. That practice will provide examples of how others’ minds work. You’ll see how your classmates interpretted the assignment, perhaps differently than you did. You may get new ideas from them. You’ll also see different types of writing, some better, some not as good, some, simply different. The practice of editing another’s work helps you improve your own. Please do not neglect this important link to your learning.


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