September 21, 2015

Challenge yourself with a couple of non-rhetorical questions:

  1. How are you preparing for life after high school, whether you go to college, technical school or straight into the workforce? Make a list.
  2. What do the words “digital footprint” or “digital tattoo” mean to you? Make a list.

Now, what does one have to do with the other? After defining what a digital footprint is – the positives and the negatives of a digital footprint – you should see that decreasing the negative aspects and increasing the positive aspects should be a part of the first list.

To help you understand some of what composes your digital footprint/tattoo, watch the following video:

Some of what goes into your digital footprint is unavoidable, but much can be controlled by you and should be:

Not actively creating a positive digital footprint can have undesirable consequenses:

What would you want your digital footprint to include when college admissions officers or prospective employers are checking out your background? As a high school junior or senior? What about five to eight years from now? Make a list.

Next you will role play as college admissions teams and look at two student profiles. The two are about equal in grades, test scores and personal essays, and it comes down to content found in an online search. After discussing within small groups, you will come back together to discuss results.

Consider how this activity and what you have learned may affect how you view your own digital footprint.


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