Taking a moment to commemorate September 11, 2001, consider running your cursor over the Reader icon in the upper left corner of your screen, then selecting Freshly Pressed. I’m betting there will be many blog posts about September 11 today. Some will be interesting, some will not, but you have the power – just like readers of your own blog – to move on to another. If you find those posts too few and far between, experiment with searching using the tags, #September11 or #9/11 or something similar.

I know most of you were very small, if you were here at all, but it was an important incident in our nation’s history, and it changed the way many things are done now. Believe it or not, our families used to be able to follow us all the way to the boarding gate at the airport and we never had to take our shoes off to prove we didn’t have bombs in them.

Especially if you are caught up on other tasks, take some time today to think of those lives lost and learn a little about what happened that day. There are more stories than you can count.


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