End of WEEK 2: Need a little fun because you’re caught up?

September 4, 2015

I’m gone today, and some of you are finished with your TED reflections and some of you are not. If you are not, get to it! If you are, try playing around with Google Draw. When you sign into your Google Drive, under “new” you have an option for “more”. Following that, you have an option for Google Drawings. It’s a pretty simple app, but it can be used for perhaps more than you first consider. Remember that Svitak tells us that as we get older, we see limitations in the things we can do so we often lose creativity. Bust out the creativity, and think of something awesome you can do with Google Draw.

To get you started, this Pinterest posting lists (in a cute infographic) several ways one could creatively use Google Draw. It’s only a small leap in your imagination to come up with more ideas. For some quick how-tos to save a little time check out this graphic posted by education blogger Alice Keeler.

To have your mind officially blown, check out what this artist was able to do with Google Drawings.

Now, time to go play.


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