WEEKs 1&2: Organizing standards and setting some standards

It’s the first full week of DigiComm, and we are analyzing Oklahoma’s new ELA standards along with ISTE technology standards and simplifying them for our self-assessment purposes. These standards, as you will have summarized them, will be your guide for how you apply your learning, how you reflect on that learning, and, ultimately, how you assess your learning experience in this class.

We will also watch a TED video featuring Adora Svitak, a 12-year-old wonder, who gives a good presentation and is quite inspiring. You will be watching for her presentation skills as well as the content of the presentation. From this you will have two assignments.

The first is to prepare a presentation of your own. With this presentation, you will tell the class something about yourself, a passion, a particular experience, a talent or something similarly specific. You will plan this presentation with a hook to get your audience’s attention, then transition between subtopics and a neat close. Use good imagery so that your audience can visualize what you are telling them about. Presentations should last 2-4 minutes and will begin tomorrow.

Additionally, you will write a reflection on the content of the video and her skills as a presenter, comparing them with your own. You can use this set of reflection questions as a guide. What did you do well? What do you think you could impove upon?

If you have already seen this video, either you or I will find another for you to use instead.


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