Welcome to your first days in DigiComm, trying to figure out just what this class is. It’s a communication class. We communicate through speaking and listening, through reading and writing. Now we do these things online as well. But things are different online, where space is unlimited, but attentions spans ARE limited. Communication online has more options than ever, from images and multimedia to interactive aspects. But first, you must hook your viewer, and you must keep your viewer. Another page is only a click away.

You are about to enlarge your reading audience. No longer are you turning in work for the teacher’s eyes only. The world will be your audience. You want to give them something worth their time. Be prepared to learn more about researching, curating and presenting with web based tools and then produce your best content.

A good place to start is with Google Drive and your Gmail address. Click on the link below to add your information to a Google Form that will then be compiled on a contact information sheet, which will then be available to you within a shared Google folder.

DigiComm 6th hour

New information: For those of you getting the “you have exceeded your sharing quota” message while trying to share a new Google folder (Last, First) with me, I found a couple of forums that said basically the same thing: It’s Google’s countermeasure to spam. The common advice was to wait 24 hours and try again, as it happens mostly on new accounts – exactly our predicament. If you still have problems, take a look at this forum response.


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