April 27, 2015

You asked for it: time to work on your passion projects. As I checked with each of you last week, it seems that far and away, most of you need to work on the projects themselves, if not getting started on the presentations. Only one or two of  you will look at this post and say, “what am I supposed to do? I’m caught up.”

Things to do if you’re caught up:

Look for more information about your topic area and blog about it. You have a blog. This is the point of the class: learning to communicate online. You don’t need me to assign something in order to blog – but you already know that.

Find an app to play with. I started to create a lesson for Google Story Builder because it looked like fun. It’s pretty simple. Give it a shot.

Try screencasting. It’s one thing I keep planning to add to the lesson plan, but I feel I need to learn it first and I never have time.  It would be one way to present your material, especially if what you are presenting has to do with functioning on the screen.

Or simply go to my DigiComm Pinterest page and look for something interesting.

If you are not caught up, remember that for your final presentation, you will need:

1. An outline for your speech. Look at some TED videos to get an idea of how to organize, how long, etc.
2. The slide presentation. Google slides seem the best bet for this project. Remember not to pile the text onto the slides. Most of the words will come from your speech. Save the slides for images, maybe a few bullet points or topics in a headline-type format.
3. Those images: make sure you’ve been gathering images as your project moves along. If you’re working on a “thing”, take photos. If you’re working on a screen, take screenshots. If you’re working with photos, well, be ready to use your photos in the best way. If you’re going to use lists or brackets or other organizational graphics, explore flow chart apps or Google Draw (I’m looking at you, sports team builders). Just be sure the audience has something to look at while you tell us about your adventure.
4. Your presentation should last 3-5 minutes, but please, it shouldn’t go over 8 or so or we’ll run out of time.
5. Be sure to note in your presentation any technology you used as that is one of the standards I’ll be looking at: what tech you used, how much of it you explored to decide which to use, what troubleshooting you had to do and things like that.
6. We’ll start presentations the week before the last week of school to ensure everyone has time.
7. There will also be a reflection component at the end to post on your blog. I’ll give you more instructions later on.



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