I can see the end of the school year. I can see the week before the last week of school, and it is filled with passion project presentations. So this week will be devoted to making good progress on those projects. For those of you who prefer steps, here ya go:

1. Make progress on any research you need to do for your topic. Or make progress on the creation of the “project” you are creating.
a.  Get more stats on players; get more info on other careers, gather more info about your computer language; or read articles about the writing style you are experimenting with; or read up on editing and uploading video.
b. Make more stuff: make more video; make more vector images; make more sketches; make more DIY clothing out of other items: make more story.

2. Update blog readers on how your project is going. Be creative and interesting for those readers. Have something to show (and tell). But do remember that images make your posts more interesting, and you have to have images for your presentation anyway.

3. Begin thinking about your presentation, which is your final for the class. Draft your speech. Storyboard your slides (decide what goes on what slide in what order). Don’t use too much text on your slides. That’s what the speech is for. The slides are the visual for the presentation. Your audience does not want to read text on your slide. They want you to tell them a story. They like seeing images, and they don’t mind seeing key words or bullets to help them organize your content in their minds.

4. Also consider catching up on other projects and assignments you are behind on.

5. Need more? Just blog. Write something on your mind, or go read other blogs and write a response to them.


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