April 13, 2015

Because two of you wanted me to teach a unit on reddit and I don’t know it, I made an offer for you to teach it. So today Kenny and Brendan presented how to use reddit in a school-appropriate way. Way to go, guys. I’m actually interested.

Monday: Their reddit presentation can be found here, in case you’d like to check back into some of the details. Your assignment, as the boys presented it, is to go to reddit, find two-three subreddits or posts that you find interesting. Write a blog post, linking back to the topic on which you are writing.

Tuesday – Thursday: Work on your reddit research and writing your blog post. Don’t forget the link! And it’s always best to share with another (I’m not the only one in the room) for feedback before you go live. Most of the time, when you share with me, I tell you to expand on an idea and I remind you that you have readers you’ve never met. Keep them entertained and engaged. This is not just an assignment; it’s your blog. Make it awesome.

Friday: Work on your passion project. Update your readers (be entertaining and informative!) Start thinking about your TED-like presentation. Make sure you will have images for the slide presentation. If your product is something physical, you should have a start on it.


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