March 30, 2015

Cyberbullying is about more than insulting others online. There are different types of offenses, different types of laws to be broken, and different defenses to those laws. Likewise, there are different ways to prevent online bullying and be positive role models for good social media use. You will spend this week exploring these and making a plan for a project to show what you have learned and find a way to pass this learning on to another audience.

Monday – Tuesday: First, we’ll take a look at some cyberbullying in the news through my scoop.it collection. Next, we’ll go over the civil and criminal issues regarding cyberbullying and look at some case studies.

Here is our Padlet link to the cyberbullying content.

The Cyberbullying research center has several resources to help students deal with cyberbullying and that may help you develop your project.

The Cyberbullying research center has several resources to help students deal with cyberbullying and that may help you develop your project.

10 Ideas: Activities for Teens

10 Tips: Preventing Cyberbullying

10 Tips: Responding to Cyberbullying

How to report Cyberbullying

Wednesday-Friday: There are probably hundreds of anti-bullying campaigns for both cyberbullying and, well, standard (?) bullying. Every campaign has its own version of a video, a poster, a website, a packet for classroom activities – there are nearly as many ways to tackle learning about bullying and how to prevent it as there are ways to bully people. That means there are lots of sources out there for you to be able to model from.

Over the next few days, consider the parts of what we’ve learned that resonated with you the most. What would you want to pass on to potential bullies? To potential victims? Is it more verbal or more visual? What is your point of view? If you were to lead a talk with a group of upper elementary or middle school students, what would you focus on? What would your message be?

Create a digital flyer or poster using one of these online apps. I’ve used Smore, and it may suit your purposes, or you may want to try another one. Use images from Pixabay or Wikimedia or Flickr or create your own. Choose your words and design your message. Write a blog post delivering your message to your wider audience and embed your poster.

You can work on this through next Tuesday, as I will be gone Monday.

Friday: Spend today working on your passion project, or, if you do yours mainly at home, write up an interesting update. Images make an impact on those posts, too.



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