CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay

CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay


March 23, 2015

I hope everyone had a good spring break, and if you had access to Internet, I hope you spent some time on your blog, whether to catch up or simply to blog. I hope you’re still excited about your passion projects and have been seeing progress on that.

As of March 12, several of you still had a few things to catch up on, though the rest of you were ready for something else to do, so I’m hoping to serve both needs this week.

Ready for something new? Find an article of particular interest to you. Use Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest or simply Google to search for something you want to read about. Write a review of the article (always draft in Google docs first), commenting on its informative value, connecting to anything personally relevant, linking to the article and anything else that would make sense (if the article refers to a website or a product, link to that). Invite conversation to your blog post. Use categories and tags to make searching easy. Then tweet out a link to your review, giving a shout-out to the writer of the article you reviewed (almost everyone who writes has a Twitter).
Watch for comments on your post or tweet.
You could try reviewing a blog the same way. It’s a good way to find bloggers with similar interests and build up your PLN (personal learning network). Building your PLN means building followers on the blog and on Twitter.

Need to catch up? Do it. I’ll get you a list of everything you should have accomplished so far this semester. Each item should be posted to your blog. Inform me when you’ve accomplished additional assignments so I know to check and give you credit.

The rest of the week should be spent on

1. Catching up.
2. Blogging
3. Working on your passion project

By Friday, consider tweeting out a #FF (Follow Friday) and posting about your new tweeps on the blog. Just make it an active week of learning and blogging.




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