You think you know Twitter, and I know some of you do. However, there are uses for Twitter you may not have discovered yet these uses can promote your digital footprint in a positive way and ramp up your learning experiences as well. The goal this week – and remember that many of you are starting in a different place – is to start a Twitter account, being mindful of branding, and begin to build your Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Monday: Twitter presentation

Tuesday-Thursday: Start a Twitter account or, if you have one already, consider the discussion on branding and make any changes that would more accurately reflect what you would like people to know about you. Find entities to follow that will expand your PLN (not classmates at this time). Who can you learn from? Many publications have Twitter accounts, as do colleges and non-profit organizations. By Friday, post a #FF tweet (#FollowFriday) with five new folks to follow, and post this to your blog as well, including information about them and why you chose to follow them. Include these new tweeps in a tweet on Friday, giving them a shout-out. They just may follow you back.

The object is not only for you to find good uses for this often misused social media app, but to be able to use it to develop a PLN and research for your Passion Project (and anything else that might come up for other classes or interests). Catherine Pope posted an article on The Digital Researcher in June that goes more in depth about researching with Twitter as a tool. Reading this article will help you see more ways you can use Twitter for research, and you are encouraged to reflect on the article’s content in your #FF post this week. You should also include how Twitter has or might help you, specifically, in your project.

Happy Twittering, and don’t forget to post an update to your Passion Project!


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