March 3, 2015

This week you’ll finish choosing your passion projects and get started with whatever research you need. The first steps you’ll need to complete are these:

1. Complete the green Passion Project sheet for me, laying out your plans.

2. Write a blog post telling readers about your project, what the topic is, what you hope to learn and experience, what research you will likely conduct and what your final product will be. Discuss any obstacles you think you may run up against or anything you are particularly looking forward to. Remember this is a blog post for readers you know and some you don’t know, so make it interesting.

3. Comment on this post with a sentence or so, with what your passion project is. I’d like to have all the projects collected in one spot.

4. Remember that you will use approximately 20% of your week on your Passion Project. That translates to mostly Fridays. However, if you finish other assignments earlier, you can work on the PP. You will post an update on your project to your blog weekly. Title it Passion Project Update or something similar, so I can spot it easily.

Part 2:

We’re adding Pinterest to the applications in our bag of tricks. This application should help you with research for your project and is just plain fun. But be careful not to let it pull you into its abyss of time loss. Students have been know to get lost in Pinterest for days at a time and somehow, crazily, not complete assignments in a timely manner.

I introduced you to Pinterest and demonstrated by showing you the new DigiComm Pinterest account. Your Pinterest assignment, to be completed by Thursday so you can work on your Passion Project Friday, is to:

1. Create a Pinterest account

2. Create a Passion Project board or multiple boards that have to do with your project and do your research. Search for topics that may help you and pin them to those boards. But don’t just pin them; read and use the information.

3. Write a blog post about your Pinterest experience, what you’ve done with it, how it may help you. This won’t be long or fancy, likely, but make it interesting for your readers.



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