February 16, 2015

Having worked on writing our manifestos last week, we will endeavor to put them into presentations this week and share our presentations beginning Thursday.

Monday – I will show you several apps that you may choose from to create a presentation for your manifesto. You’ll want to use images, either those you have created yourself or some from Creative Commons. Some of the apps, like HaikuDeck, have CC images built in for you to choose from.

Here is the example of my manifesto in HaikuDeck.


 Haikudeck also gives you the ability to export as a PDF or .ppt.

VoiceThread is an app that allows you to use images and voiceover. You’ll need a headset with microphone, which I have. Here’s an example I did a few years ago, not my manifesto, but slightly entertaining, nevertheless.

Want a challenge? Try emaze.com, the app that frustrated your teacher so much that she momentarily gave up. Part of the frustration was due to her slow home internet. It appears you can put in your own photos, video and other stuff, but I could never get a blank template to work with. Throwing down the gauntlet here.

PhotoPeach was fun. You can upload your own photos or photos you find in Creative Commons, then arrange them in the order you want them to transition. You also get to choose music and caption the photos, putting the lines of your manifesto on each photo as you want it. Downside is that it may or may not link correctly in your blog. Let’s give it a try.

If that link didn’t work, here’s an attempt to embed:

Me Manifesto on PhotoPeach


Well, there are a few presentation apps for you to play with. Experiment, pick out some images that go well with your manifesto and build something nice.

Thursday – Begin presentations. Volunteers go first.

Friday – More presentations. Hope to finish these today. I’m excited to see what you’ve created.



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