February 9, 2015

Part 1

I envision this week being broken into two parts. This first part will be spent learning about how to use images to liven up your posts, but also how to use them legally and ethically. Yes, we’re going to learn about copyright and fair use. I hope to make it clearer for you.

Monday – Some of you have already figured it out, but I’ll show you how to upload and insert an image into your post in WordPress, and how to write the photo credit and caption.

We’ll also take a little what-do-you-already-know quiz over copyright. Don’t worry. I don’t expect many of you really understand copyright. But I hope you do after we go over the answers and talk about it. I suggest taking notes.

Time remaining, I hope to show you a cute video that summarizes what we’ve gone over about copyright, fair use and public domain.

If you can’t see the YouTube video, try the downloaded file version of A Fair(y) Use Tale in the Google folder.

Tuesday – After learning what you can’t do, we’ll talk about what you CAN do regarding using photos licensed by Creative Commons or photos in the Public Domain. Besides using photos you took yourself, or those you have permission to use, you may be able to find suitable images from Flickr or Wikimedia. When using images with a Creative Commons license, you will need to attribute the owner and the license properly. Instruction for doing so are found on the best practices for attribution page of Wikimedia Commons. Using the acronym TASL will help you remember to cite the Title of the work, the Author of the work, link to the Source of the work and link to the appropriate Creative Commons License for the work.


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