January 26, 2015

This week will be a mash-up of things that will improve your blogging experience and show yout how far-reaching your online activity really is. The goal this week is to learn some digital citizenship that will help you create a positive digital tattoo.

I will be reworking that lesson a bit to take into account the loss of YouTube, so we’ll start off with some helpful blogging pointers.

Monday – In the beginning, I told you that blogging is social, so we’ll talk about the art of commenting, and I’ll show you where to find the blogroll widget so you can add blogs you follow to one of your sidebars. You’ll want to begin exploring other blogs to find some you enjoy reading.
And, of course, if you have unfinished work from last week, today is the time to finish it up. That includes copying and pasting the URL to your blog to the contact sheet so I can find your blog.

Tuesday: Today, we’ll learn about digital tattoos, also known as digital footprints. The difference in the analogies is that tattoos are permanent, as are the marks you leave in the digital world that are associated with you. What’s a digital tattoo, called a dossier in the following video?

Hear a response from someone your own age about being aware of how your own digital footprint can affect you:


And, finally, Diane Sawyer reports on the negatives to a not-so-great digital footprint:

Now, take the Google yourself challenge. If you were an admissions officer or a potential employer or a potential date, what could you find on yourself? Is it what you would like people to see about you? Scroll all the way down to see the various ways to check your digital tattoo – a simple Google won’t pull up all the results.


If you are viewing this at school you can access the videos as files through the shared Google Drive:

Youth and Media – Your Digital Dossier

Diane Sawyer on Social Media Jinxing College Applicants

Richard Fowler on Job-Killing Mistakes

Wednesday-Friday: Your assignment is to write a post, first in Google Docs so you can get feedback and revise, then post on your homepage about what you found on yourself. Is it what you expected? Is it what you want others to see? If you were going to improve it by adding positive content to your digital tatoo, what can you do? Can you develop a plan for actively creating a positive digital tattoo for others to find? What will the plan include?

Friday – If you have completed the Google Yourself Challenge, search for and read some blogs. Leave some comments. If you are inspired, write a post reviewing that blog and provide a link back to it.


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