January 12, 2015

Time to explore one of the main tools we’ll be using, Google Drive, and it all starts with having a Gmail account.

Monday-Tuesday: If you do not have a Gmail account yet, set one up. If you do have a Gmail account, or once you have a Gmail account (be sure to keep your account username and password in a safe place), add your Gmail username to the class contact sheet by completing this form.

We will explore Google Drive, how to use folders, documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and how to share these, how to move documents, how to access items shared with you, like the new contact sheet.

Wednesday: You will draft a reflection on the TED video featuring Adora Svitak, by creating a new Google doc in the folder that has been shared between you and me. If you are unfamiliar with reflection writing, it’s writing that helps you work through what you understand and what you do not, writing that helps you make connections with your own experiences. Most people prefer to begin with some guiding questions, and I have prepared these to help you with this assignment.

After you have written your draft and proof read it, move it into the Shared Editing Folder in the DigiComm Shared folder that you should have access to. Then ask classmates to read and comment for you. When you comment on someone else’s writing, leave comments that are helpful, comments that will help the writer improve the piece. Is anything unclear? Would more description or examples make it better? Could the writer use better word choice?

Once you take a look at the comments others have left for you, revise anything you think will improve your piece, then share with me in the Snider Editing Folder. I will also give you feedback meant to help you improve in your writing. Even if you are an excellent writer, I may make suggestions to help you improve. Even I look to improve my writing every time I write.

The reflection should be complete and ready to go by Friday.


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