November 17, 2014

Cyberbullying is about more than insulting others online. There are different types of offenses, different types of laws to be broken, and different defenses to those laws. Likewise, there are different ways to prevent online bullying and be positive role models for good social media use. You will spend this week exploring these and making a plan for a project to show what you have learned and find a way to pass this learning on to another audience.

Tuesday – Wednesday: First, we’ll take a look at some cyberbullying in the news through my scoop.it collection. Next, we’ll go over the civil and criminal issues regarding cyberbullying and look at some case studies.
The Cyberbullying research center has several resources to help students deal with cyberbullying and that may help you develop your project.

10 Ideas: Activities for Teens

10 Tips: Preventing Cyberbullying

10 Tips: Responding to Cyberbullying

How to report Cyberbullying

Wednesday-Thursday: As a class you will develop a project, planning backward from finished product back to how to get there. There is a multitude of presentation apps we haven’t yet explored.

Friday: Work on your passion project. Be sure to provide an update, and begin thinking about your presentation as your final in this class.


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