October 27, 2014
This week you’ll be working on manifestos.

Monday: I will be gone so work on last week’s assignment using Twitter and reflecting on the reading assignment.

Tuesday: For today, examine other manifestos, many of which are found on Pinterest. Just Plug “manifesto” into the search bar and take a look at the variety that comes up. Come up with your own version for yourself in Google Docs, and later in the week, we’ll play around with some apps that will allow for some animation, photography and other elements to make it even more inspiring.

Wednesday – Friday: We’ll take a look at some of my samples of “app-ing” a manifesto, including Jux, HaikuDeck and Animoto. You will begin to plan the app-ing of your own manifesto, and you’ll have the remainder of the week and next week to chose one of the apps and you will develop your manifesto – or parts of it – in one of the presentation apps.
Then write a blog post about your manifesto, what it means to you, what you’ve learned about a manifesto, as well as what you learned using the app to create your presentation of the manifesto. Unfortunately, WordPress, last I checked, does not allow for embedding these apps, because the sites are not on their “whitelist,” a list of sites they’ve approved for auto-embed, a process that has been simplified by WP, wherein you only have to cut and paste the URL into the body copy. YouTube IS on their whitelist as are a few others you can find at this WordPress Codex Help Page. So you’ll just link to your creation within the body of your blog post.

Here is an example of my jux:


Here is my shot at Haikudeck, which I found pretty cool. The app has its own supply of Creative Commons photos at your disposal.


This is Skyler Baldwin’s Jux from last semester. He put tons of work into it, but then, he likes to draw.

This is Brant Davis’s manifesto with HaikuDeck from last semester. Note the good parallel structure.

Don’t forget to update us on your Passion Project and begin thinking about what you’ll present and how in your TED-like talk at the end of the semester. You’ll use some sort of slide presentation, with photos, video or other elements within it to show us, your audience, what your Passion Project experience taught you. You’ll plan your talk to go along with your presentation, and you will practice it.



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