WEEK 10: New uses for the Twitterverse


October 21, 2014

You think you know Twitter, and I know some of you do. However, there are uses for Twitter you may not have discovered yet these uses can promote your digital footprint in a positive way and ramp up your learning experiences as well. The goal this week – and remember that many of you are starting in a different place – is to start a Twitter account, being mindful of branding, and begin to build your Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Tuesday: Twitter presentation

Wednesday-Thursday: Start a Twitter account or, if you have one already, consider the discussion on branding and make any changes that would more accurately reflect what you would like people to know about you. Find entities to follow that will expand your PLN. Who can you learn from? Many publications have Twitter accounts, as do colleges and non-profit organizations. These kinds of organizations often publish educational and interesting materials and tweet them out. By Friday, post a #FF tweet with five new folks to follow and post this to your blog as well, with a tidbit about each.

Read this Mind/Shift article about students having more say in school decisions. The article references the beginning of the Twitter chat #stuvoice and what grew from it. Write a reflective blog post about the article. Hint: use the subheadings in the article as guides. Discuss what you think of the ideas presented, how they would work in a place like Duncan High School. Expand on the ideas presented to include any thoughts you come up with yourself. This should be much more thoughtful and lengthy than, “It’s cool, I guess.”

Friday: Remember to post your Passion Project update. Several of you are not doing this regularly or haven’t updated at all since we started. Provide interesting details that will intrigue your readers and remember that images also make your posts more interesting. Reflect on any trouble you may be having and work your way through solving it.

Very soon I will be conferencing with each of you to talk about where you are regarding assignments and how you feel you are doing in general in the class. Be prepared to discuss what you feel good about and what you have trouble with. I’d like you to be able to set some goals and be able to assess your work for an overall blogging progress grade.


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