Editor’s note: You know those times when you make one tiny error in judgment (think button clicking and impatience) and everything you just spent the last 45 minutes on just disappears from your post? Yeah, that just happened. “Save Draft” is a smart button to use before you try to add media. Hopefully this second time ’round will be as inspiring as the first was …


October 11, 2014

In one of my favorite weekly educator chats this morning (#sunchat) I got into a convo with fellow educator Scott Glass @sglass771, who teaches a class similar to ours that he calls Media Collage (reminded me of your project, JA). As he tried to share a link to show me projects his students had done with Haikudeck (we’ll be playing with this one soon), I was introduced to Padlet, the source from which he showcased his students’ projects. I spent some time this morning exploring Padlet and decided it was worth introducing to you guys in this short week. I believe you will be able to find several uses for it. The app is user friendly. Let’s go check it out!

Monday: The Padlet site itself offers several examples, but not a clear explanation of what it is, so read this AppStorm post that explains a lot. Once you have read this and have an idea of the many uses for Padlet, check out the YouTube video below for a screencast demonstration of how to use the tools.

Now that you have an idea of its functions and how to begin using Padlet, go to the Padlet I created, @snidesky.uses4Padlet, for us to brainstorm potential uses for us here in class, for Passion Projects and anything else. Click on the board, put your name as you saw demonstrated on the video and click below your name to add an idea to this brainstorming board. Add as many ideas as you can think of. Noting others’ ideas may spur your thinking of additional ideas.

Create your own Padlet and explore the app, playing with the backgrounds, settings and tools. Go ahead with one of your ideas and get a Padlet going for a real purpose. Write a post for your blog about Padlet, reviewing it for readers, reflecting on your experience with it and how you could use it.

Tuesday: Continue with your exploration of and blog post on Padlet.

Wednesday: Post an update to your Passion Project. Remember that your readers will appreciate details that create images in their minds. Be aware of creating a voice in your writing so that readers get to know you and your passion. Don’t just report in a few words and be done with it. Writing is a skill that involves more than complete sentences and proper punctuation. Work at drawing your readers in and making them want to be a part of your project with you.

If you can combine your Padlet post and your Passion Project post, go for it. Just remember to include all criteria: an update that draws readers in and a reflective discussion on Padlet, with a possible link to your new Padlet board. I don’t believe WordPress allows for embedding of Padlet boards in your posts unless you have a self-hosted ($$$) site, but you can certainly link it. Do remember to make the link a part of your written description instead of just plopping in the URL.

Thursday – Monday: Enjoy your Fall Break, but don’t let that stop you from continuing on your Passion Projects and posting updates!



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