October 6, 2014

Looking over your blogs last night, I realized that several of you are quite behind, though you’ve never really share this information with me. So for most, this week will be time to catch up. However, for a few of you who are caught up, let’s enrich your experience a bit. As the rest of you catch up, you can do the same.

Monday: I will try to get a list to each of you of what we have done so far and check off what you have accomplished, leaving unchecked those items you have yet to post. Do your best to get these things done as early in the week as possible.

For those of you with all items checked (or nearly all), enrich your experience by checking in with Pinterest. Seems most of you enjoyed the time you spent with this web-based app. But let’s make it work for us.

Your challenge is to use Pinterest to gather information. Use key words to search for applications, technology, that we can use in the classroom. Find something you think we could use individually, in pairs, or as a class on one project. Keep in mind anything that would be useful for your Passion Project. Collect all possibilities on one of your boards. If you don’t have one yet, make a new board for technology (name it whatever you wish).

Tuesday – Thursday: As the week proceeds, explore one or more of the apps more deeply so that you could walk the rest of us through it. If you’ve gone beyond that and still need more, you may work on your Passion Project, write a post about anything you want (it is your blog, after all), read other blogs (leave comments or even consider reviewing one on your own blog and give a shout-out to that blogger on his own blog and on Twitter – that’s how we build community).

Friday: By Friday, you should have posted your weekly progress post on your Passion Project. If a photo would be appropriate, please use one. If instructions or links or recipes would be appropriate, please include those. You want to include your readers in your journey, not just tell them briefly what you did.

Next week, new stuff, so buckle up.


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