Sept. 28, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words and most folks want their words in the form of pictures these days. Or, at least, they want those words accompanied by pictures. Face it, text heavy blog posts don’t get as much attention as those with pictures. Take this one for instance …

But there are rules about what pictures you can use. Sure, you can use photos you’ve taken yourself, but if you’re commenting on a story about immigration policy (a subject I know you’re all dying to discuss), it’s tough to pull off snapping a photo of border crossings.  There are LOTS of times you need a photo to set off a blog post and you don’t have one of your own. Up to now, many of you may have thought the solution was to just Google it and use what you find, but those photos are owned by someone, and to use them without payment or permission is wrong. Those photographers put bread on the table with payment for their craft.

What’s a blogger to do? Let’s learn about copyright and fair use, which pertains to much more than just photos, and then we can talk about using images through Creative Commons. We’ve a busy couple days of learning, which may delay our work in the computer lab. Let’s go!

Monday: Let’s take a little what-do-you-already-know quiz over copyright – then let’s discuss it.

View the Law and Technology Timeline

Tuesday: How to use advanced Google image search with usage rights. How to use Flickr (if you have a Yahoo acct.) How to use Wikimedia Commons. And, finally, how to attribute Creative Commons images.

Wednesday – Thursday: Your assignment is to read blogs you are following in WordPress or through Feedly, looking for Creative Commons images. Do they seem to be attributed correctly? Can you click on the link back to the original photo? To the author’s page? To the CC license? Write a post related to your Passion Project for which you can incorporate a photo, and find one through Creative Commons to use with your post. You can do this through WikiMedia or Flickr. Be sure to attribute it correctly!

Friday: Passion Projects! Use today to explore your Passion Project and to write a post updating readers on your progress this week. This could be the post associated with your CC assignment or a separate one specifically to update readers on your progress.



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