WEEK 4: The art of following & commenting, conversations

Sept. 8, 2014

You all likely have things to finish up from last week, so we will begin with that, then venture into the social media aspects of blogging, trying to build community.

Monday: Your first post, your TED reflection, should happen by today. If you are not able to make that happen, consider coming in the latter half of lunch or after school so I can help you. Go to the contact sheet that has been shared with you to add your blog URL so your staff mates can easily visit your blog.

Tuesday: You also began personal bios for your About page on Friday, which you should be able to complete and post with a profile photo by today. Remember to share for some feedback from one another and from me for the best possible writing. After all, the world is your audience.

Wednesday-Friday: We will discuss the proper ways of commenting in class, as well as how to end your own posts to invite commentary.

Begin exploring other blogs. Go to the W in the upper left of your screen. This takes you to your reader. Look under “Freshly Pressed” or search a specific Tag. Look at some blogs. Note how they look, but also read a few things. If you find something you are interested in seeing on a regular basis, click the “follow” button at the top of the screen. Don’t forget to follow dhsdigitalcommunications.wordpress.com.

After you’ve found a few blogs to follow, go into your dashboard, and under “Appearance” go to your widgets. Widgets like “Blogs I follow” or “Links” will allow you to show links to the blogs you follow on a sidebar. You can set the number of links to show and how you want them to show.

Get brave and comment on a blog post or two. See if you get a response. What blogs have you found that interest you? Can you leave a link in your comment so we can all share?


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