August 26, 2014

This week, you will familiarize yourself with GoogleDrive and begin exploring blogs. Together, we will look at how to create folders to share and how to begin a Google doc. Then you will use these skills to work on your first assignment.

  • Create a folder “Last, First DigiComm” and share it with me: lisa.a.snider@gmail.com. This will make it easy for you to share work with me without filling up my email inbox.
  • Create a document for your TED video reflection. It’s handy to have your last name in the title of the doc. Following these guiding questions, write a reflection on how you were affected by the video and how you feel you did regarding your own presentation.
    You can view the TED video featuring Adora Svitak again here.
  • After you’ve finished your reflection, share it with the classmate below you in the contact list, which I’ll put in the shared DigiComm Google folder. If you haven’t added your information on the Google Form for the contact list, do that here. When others share drafts with you, comment with what you like, what works, and anything that is unclear, anywhere you think it would be good to elaborate or expand. If it leaves you asking questions, let the writer know. If the sentence structure is clunky and hard to understand, comment that it is. Help each other make your drafts the best they can be.
  • After seeing the feedback from a classmate, make any edits you think will improve it. You may share with me for feedback as well. It’s important to make your piece as clear and correct and interesting as possible. After all, it’s going to be posted in a public space and you want to maintain credibility.
  • When you have finished your reflection, if you have time remaining, go to wordpress.com and look at a variety of blogs. Note what you do and do not like about how they look, how they are arranged, what the writing is like, what the images are like. Take mental notes in preparation for creating your own blog.



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