April 21, 2014

After introducing some information on cyberbullying and playing around with some case studies, we began last week to formulate a project with middle schoolers in mind as an audience. I’m impressed with the ideas you all came up with and the work you have done so far. Let’s keep up the pace and the enthusiasm.

Monday: Should have camera so that videographer can practice, providing some footage. With this practice footage, video editor can practice using iMovie to work out what crew will need to do, not do to create the best footage. Also, sites should be opened up so that copyright-free music can be accessed.

Tuesday: Continue working scripts, practicing with camera, iMovie. Document each student’s parts, tasks.

Wednesday: Scripts are to be completed so that video recording can begin.

Thursday-Friday: Continue working toward goal. Find time for a reflective post about the project, and your part in it.
Remember the final due date of May 6.


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